Title slide for The First Girls documentary feature by Adhel Arop.


Adhel Productions (in development)

The documentary feature film The First Girls gives Canadian women veterans of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army a platform to share their experiences, allowing us to honour and learn from their stories of resilience and determination.

Katiba Banat Cover Art

OMNI (2023)

Katiba Banat: Sisters in Arms uncovers the hidden stories of Canadian women who fought as child soldiers in the Second Sudanese Civil War. As they plan a reunion to celebrate the bonds of sisterhood they formed against the backdrop of war, they reflect on their legacy as girls who liberated a nation.

Who Am I Cover Art

Telus Storyhive (2019)

  • Best Documentary, VISFF
  • Best BC Short, VIWFF

Adhel Arop’s debut documentaryWho Am I? examines how war, and specifically her mother’s experience as a child soldier in South Sudan, impacted their family and ultimately her understanding of herself.

Mama Yangu Cover Art


Make Believe Media (in development)

MAMA YANGU! is a natural history adventure series that puts the culture and context into wildlife conservation. Our filmmaker and on-camera guide ADHEL AROP takes us around the globe to work shoulder-to-shoulder with young, passionate animal protectors who dedicate their lives to the planet’s most fascinating creatures.

Tinderella Cover Art


Adhel Productions (in development)

A collaboration between Adhel Arop and Vanessa Magic, this Afro-surrealist comedy feature explores the beauty and ugliness of contemporary dating life, using an absurdist lens to weave together themes like romance and fairy tales to highlight the unique position Black women occupy in the modern dating world.